Strawberry Fields Whatever is a music blog written by Elizabeth Barker & Laura Jane Faulds and illustrated by Jen May. Liz and LJ met for the first time on Bleecker Street in New York City in December 2002, then ate french fries next door to the boutique where Madonna sells her Jimi Hendrix jacket in Desperately Seeking Susan. Five years later they became collaborators on nogoodforme.com and, in 2009, began working on Let It Be Beautiful (a book project based on retelling Beatles songs as stories or essays or story/essays). Strawberry Fields Whatever was born in the spring of 2012, when LJ came to visit Liz in L.A. and they visited Blue Jay Way and Topanga Canyon and drank blackberry wine in Koreatown. Its mission is to deliver thoughtful/rabblerousing writing on beautiful rock-and-roll music, most of it from a very long time ago.