I Want Men to Look Like "Cape Cod on LSD"

Twice a year comes the bittersweet day when I look at Thom Browne's new collection and have my mind blown by his endless nailing of the whimsical/cerebral dichotomy while simultaneously wanting to move away from the world because men don't dress like this and never will and why does everything have to be so boring and drab. Let's all go live in an abandoned hotel in Cape Cod this summer; maybe if we really put our minds to it/ take enough acid, cargo shorts & Aeropostale t-shirts will start to look like this. Maybe that's the best we can ever do. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh god yes.
    Take comfort in the fact that someone, somewhere out there (probably in the Hamptons) is buying and wearing some of these clothes. Maybe that's not super comforting actually..