Wings for Wheels: A Tribute to Bruce Springsteen

There's this new cool Bruce Springsteen comic anthology out and I'm (I'm Jen) in it. I don't make comics, but I do make weird images, so I did that. Here is one from the collection about Bruce and Patti Smith being from New Jersey and being Best Friends Forever (& Beyond). 

The Collection was put together and edited by Nomi Kane and she really did a phenomenal job. I mean, look at how cool it is! Wings for Wheels features work by Nomi Kane, Pat Barrett, Todd McArthur, Jen Vaughn, Josh PM Frees, with cover art by Dan McCool. If you want to buy one, you can do that here for $6. I also added some older prints to this etsy page because I have them so why not.

Here's a special bonus Bruce thing that is not included in the anthology. Strawberry Fields Whateves exclusive!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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