The Best Gift Anyone Has Ever Given Me

Amanda gave me these Beatles Matryoshka dolls on Sunday afternoon. We were walking down the street in Parkdale and I lost my shit. I definitely overreacted. I mean obviously Beatles Matryoshka dolls are something that I would like, like it would be really strange if I was given Beatles Matryoshkas and just said, "Um, thanks. That's very generous of you, but these don't really appeal to me." But even I was surprised by how intensely I started freaking out over loving them. They are literally the best gift anyone has ever given me, right down to how they're even the Sgt. Pepper Beatles! Which is way cooler than if they were the 1964 Beatles. And look at the benevolent look in Matryoshka Paul's eyes! The tiniest Matryoshka is a guitar neck. 

On Sunday night I was on the phone with Elizabeth Barker and I was like "Today Amanda gave me the best gift anyone has ever given me! Beatles Babushkas!" and Liz asked, "What's a Babushka?" and I said, "You know, those Russian stacking dolls." She said, "Oh, I've always called those Matryoshka dolls," and I said "Huh. Oh. You're probably right." This morning I Wikipediaed the whole shebang, and here is a direct quote from Wikipedia: "They are sometimes incorrectly referred to as babushka dolls (headscarf dolls)," so there you go. Wikipedia sure showed me. 


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  1. I feel so honoured. And in no way did you overreact, even a little. We were both rocking pretty epic sugar highs by that point.