Tell Us Your Stories, Morning Glories!

(ABOVE: Here is Paul and Linda meeting each other; what song do you think is playing in the background? I feel like maybe She's About A Mover by the Sir Douglas Quintet. Right???)

Hey Pals! Remember how a couple weeks ago we posted the inaugural instalment of our SFW Survey feature and it was What's Your Favorite Beatles Song And Why? and it was fantastic and we all loved it? I do. I remember that. This is just a little reminder letting you all know that the unveiling of our second SFW Survey post is looming upon the horizon; the question is 

Which song do you most closely associate with the first time you fell in love? 

and we are welcoming submissions from EVERYBODY. In the world! Today is Sunday, by far the most boring day of the week, and I highly suggest that instead of sitting around being bored all day, you answer the hell out of this question and email your response to letitbebeautiful (at) yahoo dot com by the evening of Wednesday, August 15th so that next week you can be on Strawberry Fields Whatever! We are most interested in hearing about the story behind the song, but really just follow your heart and write whatever feels right. We trust you. 

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