Thing Of The Week: People Who Are Smoothies, James "Sawyer" Ford, Not Working

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: People Who Are Smoothies

1. I'm in Massachusetts right now, I got here yesterday morning at 6 a.m. I'm drinking a Dunkin Donuts iced coffee with cream and one sugar and listening to the Elliott Smith songs from the Good Will Hunting soundtrack and eavesdropping on the housepainters next door, who are gossipy and hilarious. Yesterday one of them told the other he's not going to Stacy's jewelry party 'cause there were too many spelling errors on the Facebook invite ("Can't do it. Principles. Learn how to spell"). It's really nice here, wicked verdant with a constant pre-thunderstormy vibe that's bad for my hair but good for the soul.

2. I loved LJ & Erin's Stoned Movie Review of Good Will Hunting so much! It's so good. 

3. Oh my god yesterday I went to Big Y to get nectarines and a birthday card and a bag of rice and in the parking lot there were these little teenage punk girls sitting on the hood of their car, eating baked goods and blasting some sort of actual punk that I couldn't identify. They were so inspiring. While I was waiting in line I read part of this Vanity Fair feature on Ben Affleck from 1999 and it's kinda wonderful, especially the opening paragraph, when Ben puts the writer on his motorcycle (aka "The Blackbird Killer") and takes her to Koo Koo Roo. Koo Koo Roo! 

4. I found that article by Googling "ben affleck bitch i'm from hull." I was remembering this paragraph:

Given any opportunity, he will launch into full-voltage riffs about Boston landmarks - for Jordan's furniture commercials ("I think these sofas haffta go!") to the pride surrounding the brutal winters ("Stock up on wahta, it's the Noreasta!"). He endlessly amuses himself with the names of Massachusetts towns ("You don't know me, fucker, but I'm from Hull. Bitch, I'm from Lynn. You don't know Medfield, Come down to Medfield, then we'll see what the fuck's up!") 

I thought the line was "Bitch, I'm from Hull." I'm just gonna pretend it is.

5. My favorite part of Good Will Hunting, right now at least, is when they're at the batting cages and Will tells Chuckie he got probation and counseling for hitting the cop and Chuckie says "You're a smoothie." I'm going to start calling people smoothies all the time from today on. Everyone's a smoothie now. We are all of us smoothies. 


I am re-watching the entire series of LOST right now because there are no seasons of America's Next Top Model or Project Runway on the air and I don't care about The Newsroom or Breaking Bad and I already re-watched the entire series of Mad Men last summer and the entire series of Six Feet Under last fall and oh hey wait duhhhh LOST is fucking awesome. I am almost all the way through Season 1 and I'm obsessed with it. I think about it so much. I went to therapy this week and at one point I zoned out and my therapist was like "Why did that make you disassociate?" and I had to tiptoe around answering the question because really it had nothing to do with therapy and everything to do with how I was thinking about LOST. The first time I watched Season 1 of LOST I was deeply in love with Dr. Jack Shephard but my attitude has completely changed since seven years ago; this round, all I care about is SAWYER. Sawyer is so on point about how to best utilize one's time while stranded on a mystical desert island. Fuck building rafts and exploring terrain and helping people- if I were stranded on the LOST island, I'd just want to laze around hoarding mini-bottles of alcohol and reading paperbacks all day too. My friend Charlie came up with the genius point that if Season 1 Sawyer were a Clash song he'd be "Cheat". Basically if you took exact Season 1 Sawyer and then made him a writer instead of a con man (or maybe a writer in addition to being a con man), that would be my dream dude. 

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: Not Working Next Week Featuring Cape Cod Chips

I'm off from work next week!!!! No things matter this week. Next week is my only thing. I'm going to Cape Cod for a couple of days with some pals and I'm going to eat Cape Cod chips on the beach and go to the Cape Cod chip factory and get some Cape Cod chip merch. I'm also going to relax, I guess. And make artwork! OMG.


  1. oh my god that is such a beautiful picture of Matt

  2. Anonymous10.8.12

    My favourite thing about the Vanity Fair article is that it calls Mallrats an "embarrassing 1995 homage to New Jersey." Clearly this was written before it became a cult classic.

    1. also it made me want to rewatch 'dogma,' which i think i have somewhere here at my parents' house, on VHS

  3. 1) I was in Hull last Sunday and "Bitch, I'm from Hull is so apt; 2) the Cape Cod chip factory is something I remember from the late 80's but now, it's even better, I hear, because it's once again (after a few years hiatus as a big name subsidiary) a family owned company. Bubbles, will you have some time in Beantown this visit?

  4. I relate to a lot of things in this post because 1)I have on occasion been the little punk girl in the Big Y parking lot and 2) My therapist's office is next to the cape cod potato chip factory and I will forever associate the smell of potato chips with therapy. I'm suddenly feeling a lot of massachusetts pride.