Thing of the Week: My Darjeeling Limited Tote Bag, Looking Like Mick Jagger, Making Dinner & Listening to David Rakoff Tell Stories

LJ'S THING OF THE WEEK: My New Darjeeling Limited Tote Bag 

One morning at the beginning of July, around the time Liz & I posted our Darjeeling Limited post, I woke up at 5:30 AM, because at the beginning of July my job sucked and my life sucked. I was deliriously eating cereal and looking at Clash totes on eBay but none of them were cool. "I wonder if there's such a thing as a Darjeeling Limited tote bag?" I wondered, so I Googled "darjeeling limited tote bag," found this Etsy shop, and impulse-bought the tote seen above. I didn't get in the mail until yesterday, the same day that Liz blogged about Wes Anderson- how cosmic! So now I have a Darjeeling Limited tote bag, and I'm super-into it. I never thought I'd own a purse with a picture of Owen Wilson's face on it. 

PS: In other Wes Anderson-related news from yesterday, last night I was on the phone with my dad and I asked him how the Kinks were perceived in the sixties and early-seventies, because that's something I'm confused about. "Were they part of the popular discourse?" I asked him, "Was 'Waterloo Sunset,' like, on the radio?"

"They were more of a cult thing," said my dad, "I remember I took a music appreciation class, and there was one guy in it who really liked the Kinks. I didn't care about the Kinks; I was only listening to early music at the time. They were definitely hipper to like than the Beatles, but... there was more esoteric stuff out there." I asked him if they were like Weezer, and he said they were cooler than Weezer, which is good news. I feel really guilty about comparing the Kinks to Weezer, but I meant Pinkterton-era Weezer, at least. My dad then suggested they might be comparable to REM in the late-eighties, only a little bit weirder. "Were like they Sonic Youth? Only less experimental?" I asked. My dad said "Maybe." Then I was like "Wait- were they like Wes Anderson movies?" and my Dad said "YES." and that settled it. The Kinks were the late-sixties equivalent of Wes Anderson movies. Face to Face is Rushmore, Village Green is The Royal Tenenbaums, and Lola Versus Powerman is The Darjeeling Limited- obvs. 

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Looking Exactly Like Mick Jagger

See, aren't we just the same? Totally separated at birth. I got my shirt at this Etsy shop and the first time I wore it was at a birthday party in Laurel Canyon where I swung on a swing while drinking pink wine. And speaking of me and Mick Jagger, today's one of the last days my story's going to be the top story on Storychord, so you should definitely go read that and ask yourself the very important question Does Mick Jagger have a soul? 

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: Making Dinner & Listening to David Rakoff Tell Stories

On Tuesday I had to do laundry. A LOT of laundry. It was shitty. After I finished I came home and made dinner while listening to The This American Life episode “Our Friend David”, compiling stories from David Rakoff.  When David Rakoff passed away a few weeks ago I was really upset. I don’t actually know him at all, he was not a friend obviously, but I loved him. I deeply relate to his whole pessimist/ so moved by art and beauty/being hilarious/in love with New York thing.  The day I found out he died I spent a lot of the day staring at this gorgeous panoramic view of Mars and thinking about Mars and other planets and death. It was all very emotional. I was also at my desk in a basement with gross lighting.
            Listening to his stories while making dinner and drinking vinho verde felt really right.  He was serious about food. I am too. He talked in one of the stories about having these quick moments where you can feel what the rest of your life is going to be like and I feel like I feel those sometimes with wine and cooking. And on certain fall evenings when it’s dark outside but it’s warm inside and you see a reflection of a lamp in the window. 
            I made pasta with a huge amount of orange cherry tomatoes and yellow plum tomatoes and capers and garlic and shallots. It was really good.

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