Hey guys; this is the brand-new blog from Elizabeth Barker and Laura Jane Faulds, whom you may know from nogoodforme.com and/or Let It Be Beautiful. We also have an illustrator, named Jen May, who made the art for LJ’s Another Girl and Savoy Truffle books. The official tagline for Strawberry Fields Whatever is “Rock & Roll Writing by Elizabeth Barker & Laura Jane Faulds,” though we feel that our overall steez is also effectively captured by the lyric “I hope we’re not too messianic, or a trifle too satanic” from “Monkey Man,” by the Rolling Stones (as per Jen's illustration above).

Strawberry Fields Whatever is not a Beatles blog but we’ll probably write about the Beatles sometimes/often. Other topics we plan to cover include:

-life lessons gleaned from the records Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere by Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Kimono My House by Sparks, Diver Down by Van Halen, You Are Free by Cat Power, Only Everything by Juliana Hatfield, Icky Thump by The White Stripes, and Physical Graffiti by Led Zeppelin

-the misunderstood genius of Todd Rundgren

-using Goats Head Soup by the Rolling Stones as an instruction manual for building your dream dude

-Kanye West's asexuality

-Top 10 Most Slept-On Beatles Songs

-an open letter to everyone who should have told us years and years ago to listen to Sunflower/Surf’s Up by the Beach Boys

-why falling in love with Lee Michaels is a very good idea

-learning to love The Clash in 5 songs

-Blunderbuss vs. The Idler Wheel: a highly unofficial Voice-Of-A-Generation-Off

-The Most Romantic Records of Our Post-Adolescent Existence

Plus lotsa stuff about Bob Dylan, The Beastie Boys, The Slits, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Kinks, The Stooges, Donovan, David Bowie, Love, Gram Parsons, Husker Du, Jay-Z, Liz Phair, The Ramones, Blur, Brian Eno, The Zombies, The Nazz, T. Rex, R.E.M., Solex, Courtney Love, Cheap Trick, Emmylou Harris, The Small Faces, and other good and exciting music.

We're launching next Monday, June 11, and in the meantime you can follow Strawberry Fields Whatever(and LJ and Liz and Jen) on Twitter, and also love us on Facebook


  1. I looks gorgeous! I am very interested to read more about Kanye as Pat. You both must agree that his romance with Kim is a total rouse, right?

    1. He just wants to be cool like Jay & is trying to make Kim into Beyonce but SHE NEVER WILL BE

    2. THANKS, KATE! also, i really like having my sparks tongue in the first SFW comment evs

      xo liz

  2. I want to read all of these. I think this blog is probably the best idea ever. Also the pink colors look really nice together.

    1. Thanks so much Liina! We think it's the best idea ever too. Because it is.

  3. This is all REALLY up my alley.