A Mixtape For Those Who Try Everything They Can To Escape The Pain Of Life That We Know

Let's do a thing: tell me a theme and I'll make you a Spotify playlist based on said theme and then post the playlist on Strawberry Fields Whatever and it'll be fun. I prefer themes rooted in some sort of emotional context and/or geared toward a specific situation (i.e., breakup recovery, songs for aimlessly strolling around on a scuzzy summer evening, etc.) rather than stuff like "Songs with Animals" and "Songs with the Word 'Pink' in the Lyrics" -- I'm into mixtapes as engines of psychic beautification. Howevs, I'm also totally into goofy food-related themes (e.g., "Songs That Sound Good With Strawberry Pancakes") and yesterday I had this idea that I wanted to make mixtapes for Dally Winston and for Joan Holloway, so fictional characters are a "go" too.
Here is a playlist I made based on something the sentence "Growin up=graciously accepting that many people enjoy the boringest bullshit & all u truly got is the punkrockness of yr own delightful head," which I wrote on the Internet last week and it seemed to resonate with some people. They are songs of pain and fun and the occasional moral superiority -- "morally superior" in a groovy, beautiful way, I mean. I so wanted to include "Vogue" by Madonna but I couldn't make it flow right, but lately I'm really feeling that song and its message of productive escape. And sorry that "The Valley of One Thousand Perfumes" by Mary Timony isn't Spotify-available, but you should really have that song/record anyway: it's an angel. 
You can email themes to me here. I'll probably post these every Friday.

xo Liz 

P.S./UPDATE: LJ tells me Spotify doesn't exist in Canada, which is sad, so here's the tracklist for all the gorgeous Canadians:

1. "Psychic Hearts" by Thurston Moore
2. "(I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain" by Frank Black
3. "Necessito" by Some Girls
4. "Bubble Gum" by Kim Fowley
5. "Funtime" by Iggy Pop
6. "Living in America" by Dom
7. "Chores" by Animal Collective
8. "You Can't See What I Can See" by Heavy D & The Boyz
9. "Fuck Shit Up" by Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
10. "Free" by Cat Power
11. "Draggin' the Line" by Tommy James & The Shondells
12. "Sweet Jane" by The Velvet Underground 
13. "Sour Milk Sea" by Jackie Lomax
14. "Rocks Off" by The Rolling Stones
15. "The Valley of One Thousand Perfumes" by Mary Timony
16. "Beautiful" by The Lemonheads
17. "Planet Queen" by T. Rex
18. "Nobody But Me" by The Human Beinz
19. "7 and 7 Is" by Love


  1. Sweet Jane into Sour Milk Sea into Rocks Off into Timony is so INSPIRED (says laura)

  2. Here is my theme suggestion: a playlist for that time when your best friend stops talking to you because you've suddenly begun making out with her ex-boyfriend, even though they broke-up two years ago and she's since been dating and fell in love with a girl.