Thing of the Week: Tacos, Walnut Popsicles, Celebs


(beautiful taco picture by Teri)

My summer, weirdly, was tacos. Today is the last day of summer (Summer, in my opinion, begins on June 1st and ends on August 31st), and when I reflect back upon this summer of my life, I'll think "Oh, that was the summer when everything was tacos all the time," and I'll be  right. This summer was the summer when everything was tacos all the time. 

There were tacos this week because duh. If my week this week happened to be a part of this summer then there were tacos involved. There were tacos every week of this summer. 

La Carnita opened up at the end of my street at the beginning of summer and everyone talked about it and I didn't care about it but then I ate there and I cared about it. I ate there with Teri and it was a part of Teri's summer too. She blogged about it. I blogged about it. Everyone blogged about it. In the middle of summer I ate tacos at Grand Electric to see if it was as good as La Carnita and it wasn't. I never blogged about it, because what's the point of blogging about shitty tacos. I'm the kind of person who would basically eat anything in the entire world ever if it were on a plate in front of me and I couldn't even be bothered to finish eating two out of my three Grand Electric tacos. 

After I ate my dumb Grand Electric tacos I went back to La Carnita with Laura so I could taste good tacos again and in the middle of my meal I missed a phone call from a different Mexican restaurant asking if I could come in for an interview so I called them back but they didn't answer so I called them again the next day and then they didn't answer again and I went to the gym and when I came home from the gym they'd called me back, because that's how it works. If you ever want anyone to call you back, just go to the gym. The next day it rained and I had a job interview and later I drank a Corona at a shitty tavern alone when it was the Olympics. I watched the Olympics on a bar TV screen and I thought of London not Mexico because this summer, in addition to being the tacos summer, was the London Olympics summer. It seemed like it was a sign, the Olympics being in London, but I don't know if it was a sign or not yet. I hope it was. 

Three days later I got a job at the Mexican restaurant and on my first day there the sous-chef asked me "Are you always this quiet?" and in my head I saw that I could either tell the truth and say no or lie and say yeah. I lied and said yeah, and then I became quiet at my job. It's amazing. I never have to say anything or care anything about any of the things I said, because I never said them. Now summer is over and I'm quiet and "free tacos" are a thing that happens to me. I want to write a thousand novels about the most beautiful tacos I ate all summer but instead I'll squirrel those words away for later because it's fall and now I'm quiet. That sentence seriously in no way referred to oral sex. 

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Walnut Popsicles 

The other night I bought Michoacana walnut, coconut, and strawberry popsicles at Super King, which is this grocery store in Glendale where the produce is wicked cheap and they sell dried hibiscus (which tastes like Fruit Roll Ups) and all the shoppers are weirdly aggressive are apparently have zero issues with just ramming your body with their grocery carts when you're standing between them and the bushel of dinosaur plums.

The walnut popsicles are so good! Usually I think popsicles are bullshit: I'm an ice cream girl, I like my frozen treats milky-rich. The walnut  popsicles are so milky-rich, and I agree with the packaging when it tells us "OH! They are just so cute!" Those Bandi ice cream sandwiches are just so cute too but I didn't buy them, I just wanted to show you that adorbs little snowman and his jaunty hat and broom. SUMMER WILL NEVER DIE.


Since Saturday I’ve been sick with this incredibly annoying cold. I’ve spent the entire week blowing my nose, drinking tea, sneezing, hocking something up, drinking water, working anyway, not sleeping, and touching my face to feel sinus pressure.  Amidst all of this I have looked to celebrities to provide me with moments of relief and joy. On Tuesday I smiled at Brooke Sheilds while I was sitting with bleach on my head. Later that night I took a photo of Jeff Goldblum with a bagel from the opening credits of the season of Law & Order: Criminal Intent he stars in. I couldn’t deal with holding the 1,000 pound Vogue in a position so I could read it but I did look at the GaGa photos. I watched Madonna: Truth or Dare and wanted more of her & Sandra Bernhard hanging out but I took what I could get. That Woody Allen documentary IS really good! Diane Keaton is so fantastic! I really loved that she makes Woody laugh more than anyone.  I’m looking forward to watching part 2 and seeing how they handle the dirt. I wish I was also reading a celeb memoir to round this out, but I’m not. I’m reading The Group, like Betty Draper.


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