Misty Day, Pearly Gray, Silver, Silky-Faced, Wide-Awake, Crescent-Shaped Smiles

This is a blog post about being a Cancer! The wacky title comes from "Child of the Moon" by the Rolling Stones, the song Mick Jagger wrote about how Cancers are wonderful. Thank you for that, Mick Jagger. We (Cancers) think you are wonderful too. 

This is a picture of me (Laura Jane) and my friend Chelsea at Anabela's wedding on Saturday. I'm so in love with our scamp-y cuteness! It's relevant because Chelsea is also a Cancer, so this is basically a photograph of that lyric from "Child of the Moon" come to life. The craziest thing of all is that these crazy smiles are real! It was a very happy day. My favorite part was a tie between 1) all the times Erin and I hit on the DJ, whose name was "Indie Wedding DJ" (he liked the Kinks!), 2) when Indie Wedding DJ played a Portuguese song where every second lyric went "Ay-yi-yi" and we all sang along to the "Ay-yi-yi" parts and 3) when the song after "Ay-yi-yi" came on and we were all bummed that it wasn't an "Ay-yi-yi song" and Ryan was all, "We can make it an Ay-yi-yi song!" and then started improvising Ay-yi-yis along to the melody and it was EXTREMELY hilarious to me and I forgot all about until I was EXTREMELY hungover at work yesterday and I started laughing really hard in the middle of setting a table and a customer saw me and it was weird. 

After I got off work last night I checked my phone and had the best post-work phone-check of my life and it was all thanks to my wonderful pal Chelsea. In addition to the adorbs crazy-smiled photo seen above she sent me a link to this beautiful perfect dress that all Cancers should own forever. 

Here is a picture of my favorite Cancerian-themed thing I own. It's from Nasty Gal and I have it as a friendship bracelet with another wonderful Cancer friend of mine, Kritty. 

I think next up I would like to have this Cancer ring. You know, sometimes it really does kind of suck sharing the name of your zodiac sign with an illness that often kills people, but what can ya do. At least I'm not one of the shittier zodiac signs! (You know who you are.) (hahahaha j/k ALL the zodiac signs are cool! I love people.)

MOST IMPORTANTLY: last night, Rihanna Tweeted the "Potascope" for every single zodiac sign, which was really awesome and thoughtful of Rihanna. Rihanna is a Pisces, BTW, and also RTed the following Tweet from "ZodiacPosts": A Pisces will find it easy to get lost in thoughts, almost blocking out the real world. I think it's neat to find out that that's how Rihanna sees herself. 

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