Thing of the Week: David Lynch cooking quinoa, 'Taxi' & Its Tender Melancholy

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: David Lynch cooking quinoa

 On Sunday I saw INLAND EMPIRE in a theater with no popcorn, which was really brave of me. I afterwards I wasn't terrified. I even liked it!  Laura Dern is amazing!! I had read that part of the "bonus features" on the INLAND EMPIRE DVD was David Lynch cooking quinoa. Obviously when I got to work on Monday the first thing I did was google "David Lynch cooking quinoa", and thank goodness I did. I think I love this video more than anything. It's fantastic. He uses sea salt from Whole Foods! He adds vegetable bullion and Braggs which seems like a lot of sodium but what do I know, I'm sure it's just perfect. David uses this great pot and it has really made me reflect on my pot situation. My pots suck and I deserve a fabulous pot to make quinoa in and then to sit and drink wine and think about all the little quinoas floating around my gorgeous pot. This video might be the best thing that has ever happened to me.

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Taxi & Its Tender Melancholy

One of my favorite things about "doing research" for my book is this Wikipedia page. The other night I watched an episode of Taxi on CBS.com and got completely swept up in its sweetness and tender melancholy, and then I downloaded a full-length version of "Angela (Theme From Taxi)" by Bob James and listened to it about 27 times in a row and it was beautiful. I think there's no other sound more wistful in the world, compared to "Angela ("Theme From Taxi"). And I'll probably always be in love with Jeff Conaway as Bobby -- what a babe and a dreamboat, what a great head of hair. And I'm in love with Latka too, though the purity of that love is corrupted by learning (via Milos Forman, I guess) that Andy Kaufman fucking hated Taxi. Also, the episode I watched the other night had Tom Hanks as Jim's roommate  at Harvard, during a flashback sequence where Jim eats pot brownies for the first time. I'm not in love with Tom Hanks, but I'm awfully fond of him.

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