Thing of the Week: LJ's Tuesday, Liz's Sunday, & the Season of the Witch!


I work every night of the week except Tuesday and in saying that I don't mean to complain or complainobrag- I don't have to work six days of the week if I don't want to; it's completely my choice. Nobody ever has to do anything they don't want to, EVER. I just like my work a lot, so I work a lot. 

Tuesdays are a cool day to have off because nothing ever fucking happens on a Tuesday ever so I totally own that day of the week now. Tuesdays are crazy days because I do EVERYTHING on a Tuesday. They are jam-packed full of errands and social events and eating and drinking. Oh yikes for a split-second I just considered calling drinking "libations" in that sentence, EWWWWWWWWW #barf #nope #DRINKING

This past Tuesday was so good!!!! In the morning I went to the passport office, to get my passport renewed. I didn't have very high hopes for this particular event of my day but then I got there and I was like "FINE, WHATEVER, THIS IS A THING, FINE" and then I was sitting in a plastic chair playing a crossword puzzle on my phone when all of a sudden I heard a scratchy girl voice say "OH MY GOD" and I looked up and it was my new friend Naomi Skwarna! Crazy, right? All these weird coincidences are happening in my life lately which are making me feel like "things are going so right for me wowwww I'm so HAPPYHAPS!" but also like "Am I in Season 6 of LOST? Why is my life so much like Season 6 of LOST? Is the fact that I'm watching Season 6 of LOST while in the middle of a phase where all these Season 6 of LOST-y things are happening to me a SIGN? Am I Cop-Sawyer or Jack-with-Son? Am I DEAD?"

Anyway I'm not dead I don't think, and it was a really awesome coincidence is what it was. Naomi and I were fantastically LOUD at the passport office and annoyed everyone, especially while we were Instagramming the legendary photo of our passport photos seen above (it's called "Assassins"; C447 and C439 are now our spy code-names; PS we're spies!). These two fortysomething women who were also "friends at the passport office" (CUTE THING TO BE) in particular wanted to kill us, and then we all ended up eating at Subway afterwards! All four of us! It was so cute and Naomi and I shared a turkey sub and talked about sex really loud in the Subway and the women still hated us. Then I went to the gym and on my way home I saw a feral/black kitten in the park and really related to it and admired its body language. We made that crazy eye contact you sometimes make with an animal where you're just like "Ugh, stop looking into my soul but also NEVER STOP, nobody has ever understood me like you do and I can't get enough of it. This is weird."

Then I got home and tons of awesome shit had come in the mail: Jen's Bruce Springsteen comic, a LAURA necklace made out of vintage glass beads, and a ring shaped like a crab, because I'm a Cancer and subsequently have to believe that things shaped like crabs are cool. Then I saw a poodle with his hair shaved into a Mohawk. Or maybe her.

I met up with a pal and we got CRAZY-HIGH and drank pints of Tankhouse. I guess the low point of my day was when I thought something was wrong with my finger. Every time I get too high I think my extremities are about to fall off. We went for dinner at a really kitschy Korean place where they cut the noodles with scissors and I overdid it on the everything but that's what Tuesdays are for!!! Overeating and believing that your fingers are falling off!

After dinner I met up with Erin and it was so beauts since we hadn't seen each other in forevs. It's not like I lie to all my other friends but when I hang out with Erin I realize how elusive the truth is because I'm telling it; it's a combination of being on the same wavelength and having known each other long enough that you no longer have to waste your time explaining any backstory. Friends who already know every fucking detail of the backstory. At the end of the night we went to a bar and asked the bartender to make us something delicious- the most delicious thing he could think of! He was all UHHHHH UHHHHH UHHHH and I thought he was going to fuck it up, but then he made us glasses of grass-flavored vodka and apple juice, and they tasted kind of like apple pie, but mostly they tasted like autumn. They tasted more like fall than anything else has ever tasted like fall.

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: My Sunday Night at the Hollywood Bowl, starring Donald Glover, Animal Collective, and a Really Good Cookie

On Sunday I went to the Hollywood Bowl to see Animal Collective and on the walk up the hill Shazi and I stopped at Subway and she treated me to a Birthday Berry Cookie, which is available now for a limited time only. On the way into the Bowl we were talking about Donald Glover and then we got to the will-call line and guess who was a few people in front of us? Oh my god: Donald Glover, so supercute. And then we went to our seats and I ate the Birthday Berry Cookie and that was so cute too, it's got cranberries and blueberries and white chocolate chips. At first I thought the "Birthday" in "Birthday Berry" was the customer's birthday, kinda like "Every day's your birthday with the Birthday Berry Cookie!", but apparently it's for Subway's birthday. That's less delightful and a little bit selfish, but I guess it's all right.

Animal Collective was so good! My two fave songs off the new record are "Today's Supernatural" and "Pulleys," which reminds me of the story of Tikki Tikki Tembo-No Sa Rembo-Chari Bari Ruchi-Pip Peri Pembo, for reasons I don't quite understand. They played it during the encore and also the nice boys next to us gave us some "chocolate rum balls" that made my knees feel like they were air-conditioned. Here's "Pulleys" for you:

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: The Season of the Witch

Last night I went to see the Secret Rooms of Dirt Palace at soho20 gallery. It was fun & funny & sometimes witchy & i was into it. The narrator of the evening, Madame Von Malt Liqueur said something like, "It's September 27th, so you know what that means..it's almost October. October is the month of the witch". I am really feeling that sentiment right now. Last night I bought this silk screened patch I will hang on my wall so it will always be the season of the witch in my home. In my studio it's always the Season of the Bitch. While we are at it, why not listen to the Donovan song too?


  1. Whaaat famed illustrator Jen May was at Secret Rooms of the Dirt Palace? I wish I knew your face as well as your drawings so I could have said hi!

    1. I was! Standing in the back with bleached hair and wine.

  2. God I love catching up on this blog ! !! !!!! !