Four Scorpios in Spooky Salem


Earlier this month I spent a weekend in Salem, Massachusetts with 3 other Scorpios. We arrived in town just your average Scorps looking to have an autumnal witchy weekend and left full on Wiccans with A LOT of candles, sage, witchcraft books, hats, pentagrams, bookmarks, pencils, mugs and anything else you can put an image of a witch on.  Here is my "Photo Essay" to help get you in the Halloween mood, despite being trapped inside by the Frankenstorm (if you happen to be on the east coast, of course.)

We stayed in this beautiful purple house.

We made dinner there & drank pumpkin beers.

This is at a sports bar called The Witches Brew. I drank a martini called the Witch's Kettle and couldn't finish it because it was so potent with witch alcohol.

A witch candidly shopping at the Witch Museum Store.
Friendship looking at the Friendship of Salem

The House of Seven Gables. We were staying a block away from here so we just walked around the perimeter like total Salem Pros instead of going on a tour.

Just another black haus, no big deal.

Hugely regretting not buying whatever that cat thing is. Also please note the alien skulls.

Regina found the My Other Car is a Broom bumper sticker of her dreams.

Believe it.

Stuffed Pilgrim Witch On The Street.

Found this Bitch Wine I genuinely needed.



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