Top 5 Fave Moments from the Martin Short + Paul McCartney Skit on Last Week's 'Saturday Night Live'


At first I resisted writing this post on account of the fact that it seemed excessively self-indulgent, but whatever -- it's my birthday month! I love Paul McCartney! I love Martin Short! They are both lovely humans and these are my favorite moments from the above video:

5. Paul's vest. Seafoam-green! Sequins! He looks so good. Nice jeans too, Paul.

4. Paul's exquisitely understated comic genius. He so beautifully plays the straight man/sad clown. So subtle, so tender. I think this outshines his performance in A Hard Day's Night, possibly.

3. When Martin Short sing-asks "Holiday where?" and then sing-answers "Holiday here!" In the Vanity Fair with the amazing Freaks & Geeks spectacular there's a really great feature on Martin Short, who is probably the second most lovable man in the history of mankind, after Paul McCartney. I really wish I could just ditch work and watch Innerspace right now, and maybe all the Fake Uncle Jack episodes of Arrested Development.

2. The thing about Paul getting stuck in a tree after chasing a bird. Poor Paul! Paul and his little triangle, and all those sweetly exasperated facial expressions. When Martin Short screams at him, I want so badly to protect him from everything mean in the world.

1. When Paul and his band actually play "Wonderful Christmastime." The other night at the Glendale Galleria I listened to "Wonderful Christmastime" while shopping for "Christmas morning PJs" and found these really cute red flannel pajamas that make me look like a baby emperor, which I'll explain later. And I wish Paul hadn't let the other dudes in the band sing -- but it's all right! The kids in the choir are so sweet and smiley, I love them. I watched this episode in bed yesterday morning, wearing my baby-emperor PJs and drinking Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Spice coffee and feeling like the snuggest bug. I also really dug the "You're A Rat Bastard, Charlie Brown" bit from this episode, and how Pat Smear looked like the happiest person ever during the encore performance of Paulvana. Paul and Pat, buddies forevs. 

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