"Miss O'Dell" by George Harrison Is My Favorite Song EVER


I have recently reached the conclusion that "Miss O'Dell" by George Harrison is my favorite song. I don't know if it'll be my favorite song forever, but I do hope that I never get so old I stop caring what my favorite song is. One thing I think that's very important in life is to always have favorites of things. Make sure that you are always super up on what is your favorite color, ice cream flavor, month, day of the week, animal, brand of bottled water, and literally every other single thing.

I like "Miss O'Dell," first and foremost, because it sounds good. It's got a lot of clicky, wooden percussion happening. In a shadow life I am a percussion player. At some point in my life I'd like to stand on a stage, or maybe in a room, and on that stage or table in the room would be every single percussion instrument. And then I'd play them all. 

The lyrics in "Miss O'Dell" are the perfect blend of positive and negative that all chill art should be. I guess it's important to me that art is "chill." Maybe not all art, but definitely my art. I just don't understand why you would waste your God-given gift of being an artist on being aggro but sometimes you can overwhelmingly feel people's aggro energy dispersing from their art and it's just, like, "Really? This is what you did with your life?" That's how I feel about Kim Gordon's art, for instance. And also John Grisham. Sorry. That's just my opinion. 

"Miss O'Dell" is the chillest art ever. Every lyric starts out a bit sour and critical but then falls apart into chillness. Sometimes he doesn't even get through the lyrics. He just starts laughing. It really makes you think about how much nicer it is to hear the sound of a person laughing that it does to hear a solo played by a technically-skilled guitar player. 

George Harrison wrote "Miss O'Dell" in LA. George Harrison wrote really great LA songs. I feel like LA did something really special for George Harrison, creativity-wise. 

It seems a little trite and boring-sounding to tear into every single lyric of this song and explain why it means something to me about myself. The general deal is that George Harrison doesn't have a lot of opinions about all the things that his peers have a lot of opinions about, and he is mostly chill about it. Sometimes bored. Mostly, he wants to call a girl. At the end he says the words Fill the fillmore in a glottal C&W impersonation and his Liverpool accent sounds very weird and also like a Pound Puppy and it's just about my favorite thing. He also says "pushing, shoving, ringing" in a very slow way that also sounds amazing. And then nothing else happens but he's in a fun mood and he wants a girl to call him, because duh. Someone you vaguely have a crush on calling you on the telephone when you're bored is one of the best case scenario things that could ever happen. Never forget about telephones, boys.

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