Thing of the Week: The Book of Symbols & Julie Delpy

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: The Book of Symbols

I saw this book in the Met gift shop a few weeks ago and almost passed out. It looked exactly what I would want to exist in the world. My perfect resource! I obviously did not buy it since I am a bad shopper and tend to wait a month to a year before buying anything I know I want. After a month or so I ordered it online with my dumb credit card "points". It showed up last Saturday. I was sick al weekend/still am/forever. On Sunday I dragged this massive tome over to me on the couch and looked through it. It's what I needed. I love it. The book is divided into 5 sections, of all the important things in life: 1.Creation & Cosmos, 2. Plant World, 3. Animal World, 4.Human World, 5. Spirit World. Ok, so just with those sections printed on the backdrop of a BLUE SKY as the table of contents, this is the best book ever. There's a write up of all of the things, the symbols to us in each section. Like, water. FLOODS. waterfalls. the sky. DARKNESS. lotuses. flowers. SCORPIONS. Scorpions are older than dinosaurs & spiders, did you have any idea?! They are also naturally drawn to darkness aka summer goths, like me! I am such a Scorpio. In the Human World there are entries for peeing & hands & MOVEMENT AND EXPRESSION. It's a beautiful, gigantic resource and I am in love with it.

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Being In Love with Julie Delpy All Over Again

I watched 2 Days in New York last weekend and at first I was scared cuz the trailer looks kind of stupid, but turns out it's awesome and adorable and way more fun than 2 Days in Paris. Julie Delpy is my favorite because I love how beautifully she plays "slightly unhinged," how she can be lovely and messy and hilarious and sometimes maddening in a way that's totally real and a million worlds away from manic pixie dream girl or whatever the fuck. The movie and her performance are so smart and so warm and I appreciate that intensely. Smartness and warmth! Let's have more smartness and warmth in cinema and in the world.

My other fave things this week include a bottle of Moon Juice (in Spiced Yam, and it was exciting and I wish all drinks contained red apple & cinnamon):

and going to Canter's at 2 a.m. for chocolate rugelach and meeting this cute banana bread:

and also how it's hot out every day now and I can wear my Lelaina Pierce dress all the time. Although of course I'm lying and all I really care about is Alex Chilton Alex Chilton Alex Chilton Alex Chilton Alex Chilton Alex Chilton Alex Chilton x a zillion forever. That's really it. Alex Chilton. 


  1. OMG Liz that dress is beautiful.

    1. thanks! it's so comfy and wellmade. i love it.