Thing Of The Week: Weed Hounds, "Putty In Your Hands" by Jean & the Statesides/ Drumstick Cat, Necklaces & A Shirt & A Song


Last night Weed Hounds (best band ever) played a show for the first time in 2 years! It was a big one, too. Sold out! I love the hounds. They were so good. One of my best buds Laura is in the band, but I swear I would love them even if I didn't know her. It is a fun element though, going to support your friend be incredible. And I'm really glad to know her. Anyway! I am the #1 Weed Hounds fan so I pretty much go to every show I can. I'm feeling really tired and unable to describe music. I can say they're genuinely dreamy and if you wanted to listen to them you could here or here.

LJ'S THING OF THE WEEK: "Putty In Your Hands" by Jean & the Statesides/ Drumstick Cat

"Putty In Your Hands" is perfect and chirpy. It's really great to put on at the exact second you're walking out your front door. It makes you feel like leaving your house is an incredibly ballsy and go get 'em move. It makes you feel like you're walking through the opening credits of a TV show about the go get 'em-est ballsy person there ever was.

Also, here's Drumstick Cat. He (or she) does not have one single thing to do with "Putty In Your Hands" by Jean & the Statesides, but I've been meaning to blog him forevs, and this feels like the right moment.

My friend Christine Instagrammed Drumstick Cat at the end of last year and I asked her to email me this picture because I see a lot of myself in Drumstick Cat. I don't care if spirit animals are played; Drumstick Cat is my obvious spirit animal. He's a black cat with mad feral vibes and he's hanging out with ice cream because ice cream is the best sweet treat and Drumstick Cat knows it. Anyway, it weirdly took my phone a month and a half for me to receive the Facebook message of Drumstick Cat's photo Christine sent me on December 30th, which was kind of the worst thing that ever happened because it means phones are capable of fucking up that bad, which means that, from now on, every time a dude I have a crush on doesn't immediately respond to some form of e-comm I've sent him I'm going to be all, "What if it's a Drumstick Cat situation?", so that's a thing now: "Drumstick Cat Situation." Let's make it happen.  

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Things I Bought This Week

I love my pot leaf necklace + strawberry necklace, which I bought at Lemon Frog Shop:


and my shirt with Keith Richards's giant face on it:

I also really love the Lemonheads's cover of "Step By Step" by New Kids On The Block, which I'd never heard before last Monday and is pretty much exactly the same as the original:


  1. The Lemonheads cover of Step by Step, where have you been all my life?

  2. Enjoy your necklace! Thanks for shopping and posting Lemon Frog Shop!