Just Some Crazy-Gorgeous Pix of Patti Smith & Robert Mapplethorpe

They're by Norman Seeff, outtakes from a photo sesh he had with Patti and Robert in 1969. There's a bunch here, at Retronaut, but these are my four favorite:

i. The most beautiful one. I'm totally hypnotized by her left shoulder, the blueness of her eyes, her Keith Richards haircut, the little glimpses of teeth between her weirdly perfect lips:

ii. This is a cool kitchen. Apparently it's Norman Seeff's friend's kitchen. At first I was like "I hope it's Patti and Robert's kitchen!" but, duh, obviously it's not. Did you read Just Kids? There's no way Patti and Robert had all those spices and baking powder and baking soda and vanilla extract and any other normal-kitchen things in their apartment. Patti ate at automats and shoplifted steak from the grocery store to treat her anemia: it's pretty unlikely she kept stocked up on coriander and poppy seeds.

iii. Supercute. I'm so into Robert's skull necklace, and his jewelry choices in general:

iv. And this one's my fave shot of Patti and Robert. I just love how there's so much love in his eyes - and in Patti's eyes too, even though her eyes are closed:

My other best thing today is this video of the Patti Smith Group playing "Free Money" on TV in 1977. Such good pants, such good "intensity dancing":


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