Thing of the Week: Laura Jane's Bed, Rose Jam Etc, Can't Decide


Hey what's up you clowns, this is LJ coming at you LIVE from my beautiful new bed. That's right, I am physically in my bed right now. I have a cool little nook set up that functions as a desk, and also living room, and kitchen. There is no reason for me to leave my bed right now so why would I. Tomorrow I am going to have to wake up in the morning and get out of my bed and go to work and be away from my bed for like 13 fucking hours. It's going to be atrocious. 

Here's a picture I took out my window when my bed arrived at 6 PM yesterday. I was as excited as if Paul McCartney were rolling up to my apartment in a black Lincoln towncar to come split a magnum of white wine and tell me John Lennon secrets. My bed was supposed to arrive between 5 and 9 so I was really stoked it came more on the 5 end of the spectrum. But of course it did; that's so my bed's style. It's perfect and always does the best case scenario thing in every situation. 

The bed delivery men were angels, basically. One of them was kind of old and he was like "Who is this beautiful bed for?" and I said "Me!", grinning uncontrollably, and he said, verbatim, "Damn, girl- you gonna sleep like a princess tonight!" and I said "Hells yeah I am!" and I should have high-fived him, but I didn't. That's my only regret. It was kind of gross and sexist how he said "sleep like a princess," like he probably wouldn't have told a dude he was going to sleep like a prince, but whatever. I'm over it. I did sleep like a princess, a rich 2013 princess with a baller freaking bed that feels like a cloud or Cottonelle kitten. It was such a fun sleep. I would periodically wake up to curl into a new position and then cry tears of joy over the insane comfort levels I was experiencing. 

I am playing around with the idea of maybe nicknaming my bed "Cloud-Bed"? A bit dorky I know, but I'm thinking it could potentially sound snappy in like a "Hey Laura, what're you doing tonight?" "Oh just chillin out in Cloud-Bed" kind of context. Tonight I ate Subway and watched Mad Men in Cloud-Bed, which was the whole point of my day. It was all just leading up to that. And oh my God. It was literally the best thing I've ever done.  #bedpeace


1. Ro's Argan Body Conditioner by Lush. I mostly love it for the scent, which is named "Rose Jam." It's like if you drizzled a nice fat spoonful of rose oil into a jar of strawberry jam and let it sit in the sun and bake and bubble all afternoon, when it's at least 97 degrees out. Rose Jam may very well may be my "signature scent" of summer '13.

2. Ted Nugent jokes. Yesterday morning there was a stranger-cat in the tree outside our kitchen window and my own adorable cat responded by bugging the fuck out and jumping up onto the table and then clawing my face off when I tried to shoo her away. She ripped the skin and I bled a lot; it was so fun. Later on I asked my housemate John, "How do I tell if I've got cat scratch fever?", to which John replied "If you start having sex with Hawaiian teenagers, I suppose." Zing! Ted Nugent joke! (It's a reference to this. And to the song "Cat Scratch Fever," which is my third favorite song by Ted "Worst Person in the World" Nugent.)

3. Tina Turner's Gimme Shelter dress. Tina Turner in Gimme Shelter is the queen of everything. I want to find a dress that's my version of her sparkly-blue longsleeve minidress, the most beautiful balance of foxy and majestic:

4. Jacaranda. It's jacaranda season! Look at this goddamn jacaranda:

5. Some songs. Speaking of purple, the other day I heard "Purple Parallelogram" by the Lemonheads for the first time in like a thousand years: it's so good! So twisted and jaunty and adorbs. And I'm really feeling Sonic Youth's cover of "Within You Without You"; I'm so happy that Lee sings it and the drums really own me. And Alex Chilton and Teenage Fanclub covering "Older Guys" by the Flying Burrito Brothers is cute as hell and a dream and makes me even prouder of the Flying Burrito Brothers t-shirt I recently acquired, this t-shirt right here, which I suppose is my 6th best thing this week:


One of the following three things is my Thing of the Week but I can't decide which.

1. On Monday I tried to rent Witchboard from my trusty local video store. They didn't have it! They have everything! I think the only other movie they've ever let me down with is the Jeff Goldblum movie The Tall Guy which ended up being horrible. He has extremely bad hair in it so I can't blame them for not carrying it. I had no back up plan and Claire was coming over to watch a witch movie. I asked the guy working for a recommendation for a witch movie recommendation. He couldn't remember the name of his favorite one and I was there for a while just starring at him and saying "It's ok!" Eventually he pulled out a gigantic phone book that I guess is not a phone book and actually massive tome of every movie ever. I was looking through the witchcraft section when he remembered - BURN, WITCH, BURN! I rented it, obviously, and it was good! He said it was a witch classic with some interesting feminist issues and you know what, he's right. There's also a lot of grave dirt mentioned/seen which I loved. It's almost like an X-Files episode in that the shitty husband is like Scully, refusing to believe. I will say no more for fear or spoiling a 50 year old movie!

2. On Tuesday Weed Hounds played at Silent Barn. So many pals where there I felt like I was surrounded by every person I knew and loved at a sweet party. It was really fun. The new Silent Barn is way cool. The hounds were, obviously, excellent! They are the best band and I am their #1 fan (old news).

3. On Wednesday I GOT A FACIAL!!!!! I have been kind of obsessed with maybe getting one for the last 2 years. I feel very clueless when it comes to "products". Like, how in the hell are you supposed to know your skin type? And seriously how in the hell am I supposed to just intuit what will work on my face?! I also believe the more you fuck with your face with products the worse off it is. I'm have no idea what I'm doing. The facial ruled. I have oily skin, FYI - I learned that. I'm really bad at relaxing so I was kind of nervous I'd hate it. I liked it! About 10 minutes in I started worrying about what word I'd use when I thanked her at the end - thank you, that was wonderful? fabulous? great? amazing? I have no idea what I ended up saying. I also stressed about how relaxed I was! Haha! Anxiety! It's important to mention I picked a place to get my first facial with the best possible name ever, MOON FLOWER. Also important to mention I went to Kinokuniya Bookstore before the facial and spent a small fortune on Japanese stationary and stickers and gifts for Regina. There were so many perfect Regina items. I couldn't resist!

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