Thing of the Week: Tarot LJ, Mick Jagger Wearing Sweaters, A Cocktail


I knew I had to buy a deck of Tarot cards when I got home from Martha's Vineyard. We all read each other's cards while we were there, and I found myself feeling connected to the cards in a way I never had before. It was one of those things you know you need to be around, like hearing the Beatles for the first time. 

I bought my deck two weeks ago, at a little hippie store I'd never been inside called The Rock Store. They mostly sell rocks. I bought myself a little Lapis Lazuli, since someone once told me it'd be good for my writing, and a classic Rider-Waite deck. 

I've been drawing my daily Tarot card every day since; it's becoming very obvious that my life takes place within the Cups suit, which represents my beloved element water. It's about emotion, inner worlds, inner life. I've also drawn the Seven of Pentacles twice, which is about taking a moment out of your journey to reflect upon where you're at, and now the Empress seems to be my new thing. I drew the Empress as my daily card a few days ago, on this day I listened to Isis by Bob Dylan about twenty-five times, and then I came home and put on Desire and realized that there's a picture of the Empress on the back cover, which was neat and spooky but definitely posi-spooky and not-negi spooky. 

Last night I was having a little anxiety about work and also pulled my back out at the gym and was just lying on my couch watching the episode of Mad Men where Peggy smokes pot and decided to be a little bit more action-oriented and a little bit less of a blob, so I did a work-related reading on myself. I found this spiral-bound notebook Liz Barker gave me last time I was in LA, it's the cover of Revolver and she bought it in Buenos Aires. It's my Tarot Notebook now. I took extremely detailed notes of every card and position and then wrote about what I thought they meant. It was highly absorbing and highly non-boring, non-blobby behaviour. The Empress appeared again, in the future/approaching influence/quality to embrace slot. When I saw it, I immediately/instinctively wrote down DRINK WINE, HAVE SEX, EAT DESSERT and YOU WILL ONLY BE HAPPY IF YOU MAKE SOMETHING THAT IS YOURS. Awesome. I am also hoping that the Motherhood aspect of the Empress means that I will buy a black Shiba Inu and name him Arthur. 

PS: Another cute Tarot-related thing is that Jen May and I have been sending each other our daily Tarot cards as Snapchats every morning. Let's do this forever, Jen!!!!

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Mick Jagger Wearing Sweaters

My thing of the week was going to Joshua Tree and eating chicken at Pappy & Harriet's and being terrified of the desert sky and loving Mick Jagger, which I already wrote about. Since being home from the desert I've really enjoyed looking at pictures of Mick Jagger wearing sweaters. I hate wearing sweaters - I find them oppressive - but I'm hoping to claim Mick as my "sweater muse" for fall:

My third thing of the week is I went to the Dodger game on Wednesday night and Robin Thicke was there! They showed him kissing his kid on the Kiss Cam, and I shrieked and clapped wildly like a weird child. You probably best know Robin Thicke from his performance in the feature film Blurred Lines, directed by Wes Anderson and starring Strawberry Fields Whatever. Such a great film.


I tried to relax this week. This is something that does not come naturally for me. I didn't stress out about getting more personal work done after being at work for an entire day. I did whatever. I listened to The Best Show. I made a drawing. I talked with pals. Most importantly though, Charlotte and I made A Cocktail. A Corn Cocktail. A Corn Drink. This cocktail needed to be muddled and I don't own a muddler. The photograph is the aftermath of making 3 drinks, which took approximately 45 minutes. We made these corn, rum lime drinks and trashed my kitchen. They were really good. 


  1. (writing to Laura Jane re Tarot here) My man has been using the Rider Waite deck since winter, and I got my first deck (also the Smith-Coleman Rider Waite) like a month ago. I got it used at this great store called Psychic Sister where they sell vintage clothing and have psychics/tarot readers/astrologers, etc available for readings. They posted on facebook that they had a used Rider Waite and I was like it's gotta be mine and went and bought it the same day. It was wrapped in this really funny "jewel-toned" 80's gypsy influenced scarf. I've kept it wrapped in there and carry it around with me always but I don't do daily readings. Kaden has like 3 other decks, too, which are really beautiful but I don't find as useful as the Rider Waite.

    Do you do your own interpretations or use a book as a guide? Kaden and I are into Rachel Pollack's guides. She has spreads for each major arcana card + for each of the minor aracana. Also if you haven't looked into it already I bet you would be really into the story of Pamela Coleman Smith who illustrated the most widely used Rider Waite deck.

    I never talk about tarot with anyone but Kaden, ha ha. This is like a kind of weird outing for me. But I so agree that doing tarot readings is so absorbing and feels really like a valuable thing to do when you are giving it your full attention.

    1. Right now I'm still using a book as a guide- it's the same book Jen May uses, Learning the Tarot by Joan bunning. She is basically a genius. But I'm really aiming to get to a point where I don't need any sort of resource. I've been studying the cards and book pretty obsessively, but I find the best way to REALLY learn them is by having the same card come up in different spots in different readings. And just doing readings in general. I need to start carrying mine around with me! Yesterday I went pouch shopping- I needed 2 pouches, one for work and one for tarot. But I only found a work pouch! I don't want to out my tarot cards in some shitty old pouch with shitty energy. Obvi.

    2. I've been so into the Pollack books until this weekend when they just did not ring true to me (VIII of wands reversed), so maybe I'll check out the book you guys use; I trust Strawberry Fields Whatever!

  2. YAY! I love that you are doing this Laura Jane - two years ago I bought a deck that I really connected with (I LOVE the artwork - Tarot Of The Animal Lords) and I've been reading Tarot 101: Mastering The Art Of Reading The Cards by Kim Huggens, which my friend Amy recommended it (she's amazing at reading cards). I've been a slow learner but tend to extract a lot of meaning from the artwork alone when I do readings. Is there a spread that you particularly like?