Thing of the Week: Mary Timony, Video Star; Water

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Mary Timony, Video Star

Have you seen the video for "Peace of Mind" by Mikal Cronin? It stars Mary Timony and is beautiful and heartbreaking, but also heart-mending. I watched it when it premiered the other morning and was like, "Ooh, Mary Timony! Mary Timony being a maid, in a motel somewhere in Portland. Mary Timony in a baby-blue maid's uniform being soulful and sad, and then there's also peppermint candies and swimming, and a cool powerful necklace." It seemed predictably lovely and not all that extraordinary, and I loved it but didn't care that much. But then I watched it a second time a little later in the day and it hit me in a different way and I got teary-eyed and loved it a lot, a lot. 

There are so many perfect details. Like, Sprite is a really good choice for a depression soft drink. And of course she would be eating that terrible burrito for lunch. And I love Mary's post-swim shrug, and her hair and her slip, and I love that she cleans up her temper-tantrum mess before she leaves - responsibility is my jam and so punk-rock. And I want that locket, but I also want her to have it. And I don't know anything about Mikal Cronin but that song has really creeped in and this morning I woke up with it in my head: nice achy-hopeful melody, such dreamy violin.

The little girl is so great too. She really got to me. Someone should make a whole movie or novel or story about her and what she's doing in that motel room all alone.

BTW, there's this short film from 2000 that Mary Timony stars in and it's also perfect and wonderful. Mary plays a soulful and sad singer/guitar player who works in a copy shop and loves karaoke, and there's a really adorable scene involving donuts. It's called Dream Machine and you can watch it here.


1. That's the wikipedia image for water. It's one of my favorite images.
2. I've been sick most of this week, and thus drinking lots of water. And tea. I love water, I drink it all the time like a human should, but whenever I'm sick and I really have to I find it hard to do. Hydrating is fundamental.
3. I started reading Rachel Carson's The Sea Around Us this week, which is so beautiful. I started crying reading about the creation of the moon and the ocean. Water, the moon, Mars are all so emotional for me.
4. I started spraying magnesium oil on my legs sometimes in hopes that it helps me sleep better. Magnesium is found in the ocean. Apparently most of us are deficient in it. Somehow, magnesium helps you sleep. I don't know if it works for me.
5. Maybe the first being to walk around on land was a sea-scorpion type deal. A scorpion crab guy, who went between the sea and the land.  When I was reading about this possible sea scorpion I felt so proud to be a water sign.
6. We are all water, duh.

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  1. I take magnesium tablets when I remember (a couple times a week) because it's supposed to be good for migraines. I still get them, but it seems to help a little. I have insomnia, too, and I don't think it helps with that, though.

    Oh, and Mary Timony has the saddest eyes in the world.