Some Cool Shit I Wish I Owned, by Laura Jane

1. Venessa Arizaga Jewelry

If Strawberry Fields Whatever was going to have an official, or unofficial, jewelry designer, I would definitely have to make it be Venessa Arizaga. There's a lot of weird and beautiful things to look at on her website, which you can find by clicking on her name in the heading of this section. The bracelet seen above is called the Hawaiian Punch bracelet- my favorite part of it is the kiwi fruit, and how it makes me remember the taste of Hawaiian Punch on my tongue. She also names a lot of her jewelry after songs, songs that I love; most impressively, there's a Dear Landlord necklace, which is a very strange choice of Bob Dylan song to name a necklace after. I really have no choice but to support a jewelry designer who names her shit after John Wesley Harding album tracks. 

PS: Also I think that SFW needs to have bonkers Venessa Arizaga friendship bracelets! This bracelet is called the Makai bracelet, and I think Jen May should have it: 

& this bracelet, called the Kamikaze, is for Liz:

2. Welcomecompanions Howlin' Wolf Purse

Lately I've been dressing pretty boring and sexy because I'm a boss and want to be feared a little, so this wolf-shaped bag really hits the spot and honours my boring sartorial present and wacky sartorial past at the same time; plus what the fuck is the fucking point of wearing something not-animal shaped if there is an animal-shaped option available?  

Welcomecompanions is a really weird brand; their website is worth checking out. The concept is, they make things that look like other things. For instance, this really gorgeous banana-leaf shaped purse (I would still rather a purse was shaped like a leaf than not-a-leaf, even though a leaf is still inferior to an animal) 

I posted the link to this page of fantasy animal babies to my Facebook wall and the link did this really trashy thing where the picture it attached to the link said IT'S SCARY HOW REAL THEY LOOK. A RUSSIAN GIRL MADE THEM AND NEVER EXPECTED A HUGE RESPONSE... and there was nothing I could do but accept the fact that my Facebook page was going to look lame in an Internetty way which I guess it does implicitly for being a Facebook page. But my point is, it was worth it to me, because look at this little cheetah baby alien!  

And look at this little deer baby alien! I feel like Kanye West should buy some of these for Nori. 

4. Kanye for APC Coat

Speaking of Kanye, look how fucking awesome this Kanye-coat is!

Kanye-coat, I really like the word Kanye-coat. Kanyecoat. This whole collection is definitely the best effort I've seen from fashion-Kanye to date, there's a sweater that says "Le Ski," which is nice. There are a couple of misses, like a collarless white maybe scuba-material jacket with elbow-length sleeves, but isn't that the greatest part of Kanye West? The misses?

The rest of the collection is mostly just chill and sexy dude clothes that would make me want to kiss the men wearing them if I ever had the good fortune of seeing a man wearing them. Excellent Kanyecoat after excellent Kanyecoat after excellent Kanyecoat.

In the traditional Kanye West style, Kanye accompanied this collection with a very long and weird speech that begins, It's like if you had a housekeeper, and she was the best housekeeper in the whole world, and she said she had the idea to start being a florist. You would pay her three times as much to not follow her dream of being a florist. That point about paying her three times as much to not follow her dream is SO not where I saw the housekeeper/florist metaphor going! I thought it was going to be about helping your housekeeper.

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