Watching Mary Timony Eat All Different Foods in the Video for "Hot and Cold" by Ex Hex is Total Heaven


Mary Timony's new-ish band Ex Hex just premiered the video for their song "Hot and Cold" and it's everything I could ever want from a rock video: Mary Timony, cake, cookies, pizza, Ian Svenonius being handsome/boring, a jello mold that looks like a sea monster, a lion, pineapples, cherries, flowers. The basic premise is Mary's out on a date with Ian and it's not going so swell (he's the "cold" in this equation), but then the other Ex Hex babes show up and save Mary and suddenly it's a party. Here's a bunch of gorgeous screenshots; for additional heavy thoughts on loving Mary Timony you should read my book I Wanna Be Your Man, from our new little series of Beatles zines. There's cake in that too.

Here's Mary at the start of the video, with her rad orange nails and martini. What do you think's in the goblets? I want it to be Coke. I want Timony to be a weird little fourth-grader drinking soda from her parents' wine glasses and pretending to be grown-up and sophisticated. "Fourth-grade Mary Timony" is something to think about.

And here's Ian and his glorious hair and scowl. Right now I've got a crush on a guy with serious Ian Svenonius vibes; it's working out relatively well.

Aforementioned sea-monster-ish jello mold. I don't understand what it's made of, but I appreciate that there appear to be green pimento-stuffed olives suspended inside. That's so gross/inspired.

And the beautiful cakes. Candy on top of cake is one of the best looks.

What is she eating? Where'd she get that flower crown? I mostly don't believe in flower crowns, but I fully support Mary in her flower-crown-wearing here.

Mary's shy dancing. It's funny her posture's so bad cuz MARY TIMONY IS NO SLOUCH

This is the face Mary makes because she's so excited to eat ham. Oh my god.

Pizza! I love Mary Timony's excited-about-pizza face almost as much as her excited-about-ham face. 

EXHEXHOTCOLDBREADSHRED.jpg is what I named this picture, and also my new "overall life concept"

Timony gazing heavenward, as she does

Betsy brought her own salad dressing to the restaurant. Really into that lion necklace.

One of my fave parts of the "Hot and Cold" video is when Mary stomps across the tabletop with her amazing guitar. It reminds me of the part in the wonderful movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun when Sarah Jessica Parker and Helen Hunt and Shannen Doherty have the punks/metalheads crash Natalie Sands's sweet-sixteen party, and one of the punks/metalheads stomps across the country-club tabletop with his own amazing guitar. The song that plays in that scene goes:

Wake up the neighborhood
Shake up your neighbors good

which seems pretty true to the spirit of Ex Hex. Also: daisy socks + high heels = genius fashion 

I wish Mary Timony's face and my face were similar enough so that I could make this screenshot my author photo. Groovy sparkly eye makeup, btdubs.

Perfect idea. Perfect human.

But here is the most perfect human in the world. So hot, forever & ever

P.S. The "Hot and Cold" single is now available for purchase on iTunes/Amazon/whatever. Buy that too!


  1. This is amazing! I wonder why the video is unlisted on YouTube.

  2. Exact replica of a scene from Sedmikrasky aka Daisies (Věra Chytilová, 1966), down to the decor of the room and the food fight/table walk.

  3. Anonymous7.9.16

    I want to meet Mary Timony someday!