A Mixtape for All You Teenage Dirtbags

So last week I promised to custom-make mixtapes (i.e., Spotify playlists) for everyone in the world and now it's happening; I'm doing it (and if you want one too, read "the guidelines" here and email me here). The first one's for Stephanie, whose requested theme was "teenage dirtbags/songs to listen to on the 6 hour car ride home, running on 0 hours of sleep and 4 ritalin that you snorted with a boy you used to be so innocently in love with before hugging him goodbye/bingeing and purging my youthful innocence."
This is the playlist and the track listing's below. It starts out rough and then gets dreamy, which I think is generally a good way to go. And btw, that picture's by Joseph Szabo, who's got so many beautiful photographs of teenagers who're rough and dreamy as well.

1. "Son of a Gun" by Nirvana
2. "This Town" by Gumball
3. "What a Life" by Juliana Hatfield
4. "Hitched" by the Kills
5. "Little Doll" by the Stooges
6. "Looking at You" by MC5
7. "Hold Me Now" by Elastica
8. "Attack of the Ghost Riders" by the Raveonettes
9. "Blood" by Sons & Daughters
10. "Precious" by the Pretenders 
11. "Sonic Reducer" by the Dead Boys
12. "Home of the Brave" by Spiritualized
13. "Cheree" by Suicide
14. "Hopelessly Wasted" by Shrag
15. "Disappearer" by Sonic Youth
16. "I Wonder" by Dom
17. "Stuck on an Island" by Liz Phair
18. "I Just Want to Have Something to Do" by the Ramones
19. "Patio Chair" by the Sharp Ease
20. "Miles Away" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
xo Liz

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