My Favorite Song Right Now: "Summer of Drugs" by Soul Asylum

It's summer now; happy second day of summer. "Summer of Drugs" by Victoria Williams is my favorite summertime myth: a boy sucks snake venom out of his sister's foot and then they spend their summer doing every drug under the sun. I favor the Soul Asylum version, cuz I like how the vocals are ragged and sweet and how it's got some fucked-up revival-y kind of vibe, with the plunky piano and the sing-along on the "Hey hey hey" and the "Oh-whoa-whoa." But I hate looking at Dave Pirner's hair, so in lieu of posting the actual video I'll give you this link and these beautiful pictures, taken by Marc St. Gil for the DOCUMERICA project back in the '70s. He's got 276 photos on that Flickr page and my favorites are the ones of the kids in the woods, like the picture above (titled "One Girl Smokes Pot While Her Friend Watches During an Outing in Cedar Woods near Leakey, Texas") and this one, which I used for the cover of my Long Tall Sally zine:

I love this one a lot too; I love the idea of climbing trees with dogs. In addition to walking around a lot with our buddies this summer, let's all climb some gigantic trees. --Liz

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