A Story I Wrote Is In A Really Cool Thing

Forty Stories is a digital short fiction anthology put out by Cal Morgan's Fifty-Two Stories. It's free, so go get it!

Inside you'll find a ton of marvellous writing by a great many heavy-hitters, and one of them is me! Laura Jane Faulds to be exact. My story is named Everyone Loves A Person Who Doesn't Give A Fuck About Anything, and I wrote it while I was stuck at home with a head-cold last September, which was my equivalent of the time Neil Young wrote Cinnamon Girl, Down By The River and Cowgirl in the Sand in a single afternoon while he was sick.

Some fun facts about Everyone Loves A Person Who Doesn't Give A Fuck About Anything:

- the male lead, Charlie Caswell, is named after my friend Amanda's dog
- the first sentence is 187 words long
- there's a part that goes "cut hipstery black guy" and I've spent the past eight months freaking out that Cal might think "cut" was a typo and change it to "cute" but he didn't so that's great
- I wrote it because I was mooning over a dude and imagining how fabulously wonderful my life would be if things had worked out with him the way I wanted, and I was bored of listening to my head go on and on about how much my life sucked compared to the idea of a life that I made up based on nothing. So I thought it would be a healthy therapy thing for me to write a story about the life I imagined gone wrong. I had a big banger doozy of an empowering-to-women ending that I wrote the whole story moving toward, but by the time I got there, a different ending wrote itself. The characters had come alive, and I couldn't control them. It was the most exhilarating thing. 

So yeah, check it out. Next time my name'll be on the cover.


  1. !! firstly, congrats LJ! and next, i just clickityclicked to download and save this and i'm so stoked to read it.