A Mixtape For Those Out There Havin' Fun In The Warm California Sun, Even If Only On A Spiritual Level

(I'm doing a thing where I custom-make Spotify playlists for everyone who wants one. If you want one too, read "the guidelines" here and email me here.)

This one's for Sarah! Sarah's requested theme is "Here Comes the Sun -- i.e., new beginnings, new love, new happiness." I'm really proud of the cool journey I've taken you on here, especially the beginning and ending and the Aerosmith-into-Wild Flag.

BTW, that wild sea-anemone pic is by Stephanie Sicore. Here's the tracklist:

1. "The Last Time" by the Andrew Oldham Orchestra
2. "Cat on the Wall" by PJ Harvey
3. "Mr. Blue Sky" by Electric Light Orchestra
4. "The Charging Sky" by Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
5. "Uncle Salty" by Aerosmith
6. "Glass Tambourine" by Wild Flag
7. "Eric's Trip" by Sonic Youth
8. "Cuts Across the Land" by The Duke Spirit
9. "The Revolution of Hearts Pts I and II" by Helium
10. "Cloudbusting" by Kate Bush
11. "Sun Arise" by Alice Cooper
12. "Beginning to See the Light" by the Velvet Underground
13. "Beautiful" by Carole King
14. "California Sun" by the Ramones

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