Thing of the Week: Laura Jane's Secret Attic, Liz's 'Beer Drinker' T-Shirt, Jen's Picture of Leonard Nimoy


You guys! I have a secret attic! I'm so happy about this recent development in my life. It just seems like, out of all the people in the world, I'm one of the ones who most deserves to have a secret attic. It's great for my personal brand.  
        A girl used to live in my secret attic, up until last December, when she moved away. Nobody ever moved in. For a long time, the door to the secret attic was open, but I was afraid to go up there. I didn't want to get in trouble. When I finally worked up the courage to check it out, it turned out someone had locked the door, which was a bummer obvs. But then, one glorious day a few weeks ago, the door became unlocked! So I went upstairs, and realized that I had become the luckiest person in the world. 
        My secret attic is roomy, haunted, and looks like 1965. It has a bed and two small kitchens and several couches and a balcony and a little cubby that would be great for hide-and-seek. I go up there a lot, more than once a day, and I just hang out. I wander around for a bit, and then I sit somewhere. I never try to do anything: write or watch a movie or read or whatever. I like my secret attic because just being there is an activity in itself, so it's sort of like meditating. A couple of nights ago it was crazy apocalypse-thunderstorming out and I was really bored so I went up there with a glass of white wine and listened to I Married Myself by Sparks on headphones and watched the thunderstorm from the little cubby and I felt so incredibly calm and peaceful in that moment. I've been really miserable recently but it's mostly only because I'm freaking out about money and then I get mad at the world for having turned me into a person who thinks about money. I think it's really sad and boring that people have to think about money instead of just hanging out and living their lives. But I also think it's a good thing that I'm freaking out about money, because for the first time in my life I actually give a shit about making it, and I'm a pretty pro-active Type A kind of personality, which means that I probably will. I was thinking for awhile that a good financial goal for me would be to get rich enough to afford air-conditioning by the time I'm twenty-eight, but now I'm thinking fuck air-conditioning; I want to get rich enough to rent out the apartment I live in now and my secret attic. 
        I wouldn't even do anything to change my secret attic, I'd keep it exactly the way it is- janky and scary and dilapidated- but it'd be mine for real, which would change it on an emotional level, and I'd write up there. I just don't think I could ever write any good words down in a place that didn't truly belong to me.  

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: My 'Beer Drinker' T-Shirt

I got it a few weeks ago, here, probably because it seemed like a shirt that Wooderson would be into. The first time I wore it was on the Fourth of July, when I went to the La Brea Tar Pits to picnic and play croquet and to a party in Highland Park where the DJ was so graciously accommodating of my repeated demands that he play Rolling Stones songs. The second time I wore it was to a birthday party last Friday, and I also wore black sequined hot pants with fishnets and big black boots and called the look "Slutty Gram Parsons," which was so clever and fun.
        Another fun thing is to wear my Beer Drinker shirt and drink things that aren't beer -- on the Fourth of July, for example, I drank white wine and pink wine and everyone was like "WHAT" and I was all "Deal with it." I like to challenge my people like that. If I drank milk, I would so drink milk while wearing my Beer Drinker shirt. But basically I think milk tastes like dirty socks.

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: This Picture of Leonard Nimoy

This week I found out this fabulous photo of Leonard Nimoy exists. JUST LOOK AT IT!


  1. whoa. this is sort of working for me.

  2. Secret Attic!? That's amazing!! My husband and I just rented a tiny office in an old building so he can work on his thesis. It's cool but not NEARLY as cool as a secret attic.