Everything I Love Right Now

1. My dream winter coat, as worn by Keith Moon while playing pinball:

2. The Nutella Panino at Little Dom's, which is Nutella and mascarpone cream on a toasted sandwich; I ate it last Saturday and it was so perfectly melty:

3. This hot recording of Cat Power playing "Silent Machine" live in 1998, via our buddy Suzanne:

("Silent Machine" is my third favorite song off Sun. My first is "Nothing But Time" tied with "Peace and Love," my second is "Ruin.")

4. Assembling my Halloween costume! I was going to be an Enchanted Forest, which would have involved these tights:

but now they're out of stock at ModCloth. So I'm going to be The Ocean, and wear this slipdress:

and seashells in my hair and tights with fishes on them and I don't know what else, but definitely lots of oceany makeup, which probably means silverly lip gloss.

5. Speaking of Halloween, I'd be really into eating macaroons that are ghosts. Let me know if you ever find any macaroons that are ghosts. 

6. Other things I want to eat are these cupcakes:

They're from a place in Culver City called Essential Chocolate Desserts; I went there for the first time last Friday morning and had a really good cheap cup of coffee and hung out for a little while before class. The vibe was so happy and chill and they were playing grunge music on the radio which is just what I'd do, if I owned a beautiful bakery reasonably near to the ocean.

7. I re-found this poem by Jack Gilbert. (That last line...)

8. Also I found a Sally Mann book that belongs to one of my housemates, I guess. I love Sally Mann. 

9. And last weekend I wrote a big thing about The Cars, for part of my book, then cosmically walked past this window:

It's the cover for Candy-O but my favorite Cars record right now is the self-titled one, which has the song "Bye Bye Love," which has the lyrics "You think you're so illustrious/You call yourself intense," which I really want Benjamin Orr to have written for me.

10. Lastly but so not leastly, a very happy 58th to David Lee Roth, whom I love always/forever:

xo Liz

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