Thing of the Week: Courtney Love Singing The Replacements and a Bagel in the Future with LJ

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: Courtney Love Doing Her Makeup & Singing The Replacements

I really only care about The Replacements, and Courtney Love singing The Replacements. So here's a video of Courtney Love singing The Replacements and doing her makeup, in a hotel room on New Year's Eve about three years ago -- I found it the other day while "researching" the story thing I wrote about "Unsatisfied"; it was featured in a Village Voice post that's mean about Courtney in the laziest and tritest way. (Yup! Courtney sings crazy, and she's got substance-abuse problems! Great job grabbing that low-hanging fruit, Village Voice.) But yeah anyway: I really like Courtney's slippy thing, and I like how she's so efficient about her makeup but totally inefficient about coming in on the song at the right time. Something about the view out the hotel window makes me really nostalgic for New Year's Eve in New York City, a nice and warm and sweet-feeling kind of nostalgic, so I like that part too. And I like how Courtney says "Cha!" at the part in the song where Paul Westerberg says something that sounds like "Go!" (although maybe he's just shouting nothing). From now on I'm gonna say "Cha!" whenever I'm ready for things to get going.

Also: I'm going to my tenth Patti Smith show tonight! Cha!

JEN'S THING OF THE WEEK: A bagel with LJ in the Future 

Laura Jane is coming to New York TODAY! In the near future we're going to hang out and we're also going to have bagels together at some point. We're going to read each other's tarot cards and discover our futures. I think we'll probably talk about our feelings and projects, too.

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