Look At All These Beautiful Pictures Of The Sky

Yesterday Boston.com posted a thing with 23 pictures of the sky and I love them all. They're weird and wild and beautiful and the captions teach you some cool sky trivia -- in picture #7, for example, I learned about noctilucent clouds, which are "a rare super high altitude cloud barely visible from Earth." That's such a pretty word, noctilucent. I just further researched noctilucent clouds and learned they are made of ice crystals and only visible in "deep twilight" and possibly partially caused by frozen exhaust emitted from spaceships*.

Anyway, I wish we were still selling LJ's Because book in our Beatles Etsy Shop so I could tell you to buy it; it's my favorite sky story ever told and it includes the phrase "a babe of skies," which I think about a lot. I love skies and babes and Beatles. They are all my best things. Here are some of my favorite sky pictures from Boston.com:

1. Apparently this is a "storm formation tinged with red dust travel[ing] across the Indian Ocean near Onslow on the Western Australia coast." I don't quite understand what "storm formation" means. It looks like a big peachy-red tidal wave, but apparently it's air? Is that air? I went to pet the air in the top layer of the storm formation. It looks like an angora cat, or "an angora abominable snowman."

2. The aurora borealis, near Norway: 

3. A sunset over the ocean in Mazatlan, Mexico, on my birthday eve last year:

4. The San Gabriel Mountains "looming" over Los Angeles:

That one's my favorite because it's Los Angeles. Taking pictures of the Los Angeles sky is one of my favorite hobbies, although I actually wouldn't identify myself as a person who has "hobbies." Here is the prettiest L.A. sky picture I've taken so far in 2013 -- I call it "Fuck Tha Police":

(* "space shuttles," I mean. Whatever.)

xo Liz


  1. HOLY F*CK. #3 = Californication. Really inspiring stuff. Definitely going to enter my surreal state of mind future painting