The Cutest Day of Ringo Starr's Entire Life


This week, good old cnn.com posted a really cool article entitled "The Beatles in color: Unseen Photos." I probably would have chosen to capitalize the word "color" in that title, myself, but I guess that's the difference between me and CNN. The sole difference. 

"The Beatles in color" is chock-a-block with myriad colorful and adorable gems of Beatles photos. The colors are particularly beautiful- dull and weird and washed-out in that fabulous 1960s way we all know and love and are nostalgic for even though we didn't exist when colors looked like that and most of our parents probably hadn't even met yet. Tragically, "The Beatles in color" is one of those annoying photo-stories where you can't link to the individual photos, or save the images. I hate when corporations do that! Chill out, CNN. Let me use the photos. Trust me- I am making literally no money off of putting this screen-capped and Photoshop-cropped picture of Ringo Starr on Strawberry Fields Whatever. I'm probably even losing money, somehow.

Anyway, like I said, there's some real gems in this photoset. We've got a nice one of Paul McCartney's upper nose freckles (#3). There's Paul McCartney fake-punching the camera all sly-like with a pink towel wrapped around his neck (#8), Paul McCartney skiing in sunglasses (#12), and Paul McCartney pursing his lips while "venturing into town" (#13). George in the ocean, being the same color as the ocean (#15). Ringo Starr on the 3rd-cutest day of his life (#18), and Ringo Starr on the 2nd-cutest day of his life (#21). But obviously the real starR (I'm dumb. I'm fucking dumb) of "The Beatles in color" is Orange Blanket Ringo, Ringo on the cutest day of his entire life, the snuggest little pal you ever wanted to have playful sex with ever. Like, I want to have sex with him, you know? For a second I just thought "That's kind of gross, Laura. That might qualify as 'TMI' to these people. Maybe change it to 'playfully make out with'?"- but I couldn't, because that would be a lie. I barely even want to playfully make out with this guy at all. Let's just cut to the chase, Ringo. Orange Blanket Ringo. Let's bone and then eat something awesome. Either Eggs Benedict or chicken wings. 


  1. I never thought I'd think Ringo was attractive (poor Ringo), but I do here. In the picture with the Maharishi, I think John and Paul are wearing the same green flowered shirt. We're they given this shirt to wear? Did they plan to match? Did they unknowingly show up wearing the same thing? I could think about this for hours...

    1. oh my god you are so amazing for pointing this out

  2. I was concentrating on the clothes. Men these days should wear more flowered shirts.