Thing of the Week: Liz's Summer Uniform, 'Empathy'

LIZ'S THING OF THE WEEK: My Summer Uniform

This is what I wore last Friday night, when I went out for the most disgusting sangria after getting my Alex Chilton tattoo:

It's my Flying Burrito Brothers shirt, a red cardigan, some black jeans I made into shorts last week and have renamed my "hesher cutoffs," glam/metallic ballet flats, pigtails, and this little peachy-pink fake-ivory flower necklace you can't see. I love this "ensemble" and I want to wear it every day. So many of my idols are represented: Gram Parsons, Kurt Cobain, any/all trashy metal bands beloved by heshers, David Bowie, Mary Timony, and of course Alex Chilton on my ankle forever and ever and ever. I want to represent all of my idols all of the time, I want to hold them all in my heart at every second. And the other day Kime sent me these buttons as a belated bday gift:

and I'm going to take the George one and put it on my leather jacket. On my leather jacket right now is this adorable Paul McCartney button that LJ gave me when we were drinking margaritas at the bar of some Italian restaurant on New Year's Eve 2011, so I'm gonna take Paul off and put him on my cardigan, as a cute fuck-you to Kurt Cobain. Take that, Kurt! I love you, man.


My Thing this week is the underlined sentences in that picture. They're from Empathy by Sarah Schulman. I actually read it last week, but it has stuck with me. My other thing is the fact that Liz, Laura Jane and myself are taking a Strawberry Fields Whatever vacation retreat in Martha's Vineyard in July.

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