Jeff Goldblum Turns 61 Today! Here Are 61 Reasons Why We Are Eternally In Love With Him


1. So tall
2. Crazy eyes
3. Flailing hands and arms at all time
4. eyebrow raise extension of crazy eyes
5. his current haircut
6. his current style
7. his brief marriage to Geena Davis
8. Invasion of the Body Snatchers
9. The Fly, even when he’s so gross
10. Majestic Perviness
13.  as a child he would write "Please God, let me be an actor" in the steam on the shower door every time he showered and then he'd erase it.
14. OMG, Jeff, as a child.
15. Long Legs
16. His way of speaking.
17. The little robe he wears in The Big Chill
18. the glasses he wears in The Big Chill 
19. Plays piano
20. Seems to work his piano playing into anything he can
21. including the failed-sitcom pilot thing that Sarah Silverman just shared with the world this morning, and it's delightful and why can't it be a real show, with Jeff playing piano and singing in every episode?
22. His weirdly dyed hair on Law & Order Criminal Intent
24. Way he moves his fingers when talking/thinking
27. excellent head shot
28. duh
29. Laura Dern water-drop-on-hand scene in Jurassic Park
30. Laura Dern & Jeff Goldblum dated IRL!!!!!
31. "I forgot my mantra"
32. when he adorbs-ly played Bob's long-lost brother on SESAME STREET
34. basically the most beautiful man who's ever existed

36. when I saw his jazz band at Rockwell in the spring and he brought up all these hot women to sing with him and insanely flirted with each of them, including a woman named Ariel, to whom he was all "Ah Ariel, The Little Mermaid, I wanna be part of your world oooh mmmmm, yes..."
37. also at Rockwell he kept scat-singing but not even remotely in time to the music
38. also at some point he sang the Family Ties theme but didn't really know the words
41. aww Jeff and the Wilson Brothers, total dream trio
42. speaking of Wes Anderson: Jeff in the new Wes Anderson! 
43. his facial hair in the new Wes Anderson, WHATTTTTTTT IS HAPPENING
44. oh my god the comedy gold of Jeff on Conan O'Brien's "Secrets" thing
45. has own action figure
47. wears his sunglasses at night which I know from that time I saw him at a party and ran away and died because he was too beautiful
49. Look at those shoes! So whimsical and fly
50. Jeff on "7 Minutes in Heaven"!
51. especially the part in "7 Minutes in Heaven" when he pretends to be seductively ordering a meal at Wendy's (it's at the 3:20 mark)
52. I bet that's exactly how Jeff orders his meals at Wendy's
53. Jeff's suit in this beautiful photo that David Brothers so kindly alerted us to
56. looks way cool wearing a cravat

61. the part when Jen met Jeff and he mimed eating snacks and also everything else about Jeff Goldblum, the most perfect man in the world forever and ever and ever

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